Cerno Capital Screening of ‘Close’ at The Soho Hotel

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On Wednesday 26th February Cerno Capital hosted a screening of ‘Close’, followed by Q&A with the director Vicky Jewson, at The Soho Hotel. Vicky has quickly gained recognition for captivating audiences with compelling female narratives. Her desire to bring more authentic female characters to the action genre was the inspiration for her latest feature film. ‘Close’ is an action thriller, based on of the world’s leading female bodyguards, Jacquie Davis. The film follows battle-hardened bodyguard Sam who, when attackers target the heiress she's protecting, must scramble to save her client -- and teach her how to fight back. In the Q&A following the film, Vicky explained her processes and inspiration behind the project, as well as detailing some of her further upcoming work, which we look forward to following with great interest. Photos from the evening are available on our Flickr account here, and ‘Close’ is available to screen on Netflix here.              

Farms Not Factories: Inspiring British Food ‘Sovereignty’

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On Wednesday 12th February Cerno Capital hosted a dinner with Tracy Worcester, environmental campaigner and founder of Farms Not Factories. Farms Not Factories is a non-profit organisation working through film-making and campaigning to support the ‘food sovereignty’ movement. Their works seeks to expose the true and hidden costs of cheap meat produced by animal factories, and the goal is to inspire consumers to only buy meat from local, healthy, high welfare farms. Beneath the surface of cheap accessible meat purchasing lie devastating hidden costs. The globalisation of the farming industry continues to undermine small-scale, high-welfare producers facilitating a loss of food sovereignty in the UK. The large-scale producers seek to maximise short term financial profit to the detriment of animal welfare leading to a multitude of abuse issues (e.g. overcrowding, neglect and denial of natural behaviours). Mass production intensive farms care little for the long term external costs associated with pollution of the air, sickening local residents, and of the soil and water table, rivers and sea. Further issues associated with these ‘factories’ include the rise of antibiotic resistance, a time-bomb threatening the future health of the population. Tracy Worcester is spreading the word on the true extent of these [...]

Q&A from recent Global Leaders Breakfasts

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How do you contrast between picking companies and picking industries? The one is integral to the other. The obvious latch points are the companies but we always need to understand their environments. We own VISA and therefore it is necessary to have a view on the whole marketplace including MasterCard and to an extent American Express. The big tide here is the shift from credit to debit and how the rising mix of e-commerce is pulling returns up. The big existential risk is that a platform such as Alipay gains access and related technologies undermines the incumbents. Semiconductors is an example of an industry where competition has been winnowed down by virtue of the increasing capital costs of capex and R&D to compete at the cutting edge.  In 2000, 28 companies were capable of producing chips with the most advanced technology. Today that number is 3. We own Samsung and TSMC within the portfolio. The relentless ratchet in spending requirements is well illustrated by the cost to purchase the newest photolithography machines for EUV from ASML. These cost some 4x the prior generation. The next phase machines will cost 2x this again. The extremity of the technological frontier in semiconductors [...]

Cerno Capital Rounders 2019 with Greenhouse Sports

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On Wednesday 31st July, we hosted our annual evening of Rounders and BBQ, with six teams joining us to battle it out in Regent’s Park. This year, we were thrilled to be partnering with Greenhouse Sports, a London based charity that uses sports coaching and mentoring to empower young people who are facing disadvantage to help them unlock their full potential. We had a number of the Greenhouse coaches join us on the evening to help show us the ropes, and join in on the pitches. We were lucky to have a dry evening after a few afternoon showers, and players and spectators soon got into the swing of the games. After some hotly contested matches, the Pink team (Farrer & Co) won the tournament by a ½ rounder, although there were some fantastic moments in all games that made for some very exciting play throughout the evening with plenty of fantastic catches and even a few full rounders.       Thanks to all of those who took part to make it such a great evening: BDB Pitmans, PAM, Seddons, Penningtons Manches, Farrer & Co, Withers, Canter Holland and of course, Greenhouse Sports. We have uploaded more photos taken [...]

Outside In: Discover at Cerno Capital

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Outside In and Cerno Capital are pleased to present Outside In: Discover, an exhibition celebrating artwork by three Outside In artists. Outside In was founded in 2006 at Pallant House Gallery and became an independent charity in 2016 following a highly successful decade. The award-winning charity works to provide a platform for people who face significant barriers to the art world whether due to health, disability, social circumstances or isolation, and currently supports 2,600 artists. We were able to collaborate with Outside In for this exhibition, displaying colourful works that are varied in style and representative of artists from diverse backgrounds reflecting Outside In’s inclusive ethos. All three exhibiting artists create work with strong, vibrant imagery, each with a very unique and distinct practice. Nnena Kalu works in an obsessive and determined way to develop a range of work with an underlying approach of a systematic layering. In the works on display, she uses repetitive lines which she draws in circular motion, responding to the rhythm and noise of creating the work. Once she has applied a painted background, she creates repeated lines with a circular motion, frequently following the same route to create heavily worked into vortex shapes and [...]

Cerno Capital Rounders and BBQ 2018, Regent’s Park

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On Wednesday 25th July, we hosted an evening of Rounders and BBQ, letting six teams battle it out in Regent’s Park for a range of prizes. We were lucky to have a beautiful evening for the event, and players and spectators soon got into the swing of the games.                                              After some hotly contested matches, the Pink team (Strabens Hall and Bircham Dyson Bell) won the tournament, although there were some fantastic moments in all games that made for some very exciting play throughout the evening. Thanks to all of those who took part to make it such a great evening: Bircham Dyson Bell, Strabens Hall, Pennington Manches, Laura Devine, Withers, Seddons, FED London, DWF Law, RSM, Panthera and Farrer & Co. We have uploaded more photos taken throughout the night to our Flickr account here.  

Cerno Capital Investor Update 2018

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On Wednesday 24th May, we held our annual Investor Update at our offices on Sackville Street. Clients and friends of the firm joined us for an afternoon of presentations given by the Investment Team, before drinks and an exhibition of photographic works by Naomi Baker and Linnea Rheborg, the two Getty Images interns we have been supporting over the past year. James Spence and Fergus Shaw led the presentations commenting on the world as we see it, updates to our investment strategies and global themes that we will be following in the coming year, before being joined by the full Investment Team for Q&A. In particular, James and Fergus were keen to mention the below points: Uncertainty in investment should not of itself be feared. It is the locus of investment returns. Valuations require attention, but the biggest risks reside in so called “safe” assets such as bonds. Several changes in allocation in the past 12 months: notably the sale of gold and US inflation linked bonds. The addition of a China small cap specialist to portfolios and a new investment in Funding Circle, which channels credit to smaller scale commercial enterprises. Following the investment presentations, Naomi and Linnea joined [...]

Cerno Capital hosts private dinner with Justerini & Brooks

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On Wednesday 14th March, we hosted a small private dinner at Justerini & Brooks, St James’s. Founded in 1749, Justerini & Brooks holds one of the longest running Royal warrants and has been a supplier to every British monarch since the coronation of King George III in 1761. We were thrilled to be joined by Alex Turnbull of Justerini & Brooks who expertly led us a tasting of wines, both Old World and New World, whilst James Spence spoke on our current global market views. A full list of the wines sampled as below: Starter: Mersault, Les Charmes Dessus, 1er Cru, Chateau de Mersault 2014 Aristos Chardonnay 2011 (Chile) Main Clarence de Haut Brion 2010 Heitz Vineyards Trailside 2004 Cheese Guiseppe Mascarello Santo Stefano di Perno Barolo 2012 (Italy) David & Nadia Siebritskloof 2016 (South Africa) Pudding Alvear 1927 Pedro Ximenez For more information on Justerini & Brooks, please click here.

Confronting the ‘Unthinkable’: Dinner with George Bullard

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On Wednesday 6th September, Cerno Capital hosted a dinner with George Bullard, the world-record breaking explorer and endurance athlete. At the age of 19, George completed the world’s longest fully unsupported polar journey – a feat described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as “genuinely ground-breaking”. George has since covered more than 2000 miles on foot in the polar regions, and has completed 17 expeditions across the world, guiding over 300 people. Excelling as an explorer and endurance athlete, George has since sailed in the TransAtlantic Race, led youth development programmes in the Amazon and facilitated scientific research expeditions in the Antarctica. Most recently, George partnered with fellow adventurer, Olly Hicks, to paddle a 26ft kayak the perilous 2,000km from Greenland to Iceland to retrace the journey of ‘Finnmen’ – the Scottish name for the Inuits reportedly spotted off the coast of Scotland in 1728 having ventured across the sea. The adventures that George has undertaken has led him to encourage others to embark on their own adventures, to embrace their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, confront the challenge of the ‘unthinkable’, and pursue the sweet feeling of adventure ecstasy. George is currently working with IGO, creating a series of challenges and [...]