We were delighted to recently support David Bell, PCD Club, and Fraser Dyer, FED London, as they undertook the Maidstone to Monaco Rally in aid of the Parenta Trust, who build schools and provide education for pre-school children in Uganda.  Participants in the Rally have built 6 schools in the last 6 years, providing opportunities to some of the world’s poorest families. This year, the Rally group have raised £16,000 for the cause, which will provide education for 150 children.

David and Fraser documented their journey over the Alps, which they share with us below:

On Wednesday 27 June, 7 cars left Maidstone with a goal of getting to Monaco and back via the Swiss Alps in 5 days. The twist was that cars have to be bought for less than £500 and are decorated, coming in all shapes and sizes.  On our trip was an ancient Volvo covered in carpet; a Land Rover with 250,000 on the clock and a Vauxhall Corsa that was about to be scrapped.  Our car was a convertible 1997 MG MGF with 153,000 on the clock, easily the best car there!  We were kindly sponsored in our mission by Cerno Capital and a couple of other organisations seeking to support this good cause.

We started our route through Europe from Dunkirk via Belgium into Southern Germany.  From then we crossed into Switzerland via Bazel and headed into the Swiss Alps.  After refreshments in Andermatt, we headed up the Furka Pass for breathtaking views and snow capped peaks.  The group headed on down the valley towards Chamonix, which was very pleasant in our old MG with the roof down!  From Chamonix, we headed across the Italian border and the Great St Bernard Pass, with truly amazing vistas from the top.  3 days in we were due to arrive in Monaco on Saturday night, we swept through the Provence countryside and into our destination.  A few hours to enjoy Monaco and a team dinner before heading home the next day: one long one at the Wheel driving from Monaco to Dunkirk!

Thanks once again to Cerno Capital who supported our trip and whose generous donation is appreciated by the team at Parenta Trust.

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