China's Financial Future - Joe Zhang challenges the Pessimists

China’s Financial Future – Joe Zhang challenges the Pessimists

In the private discussion, Joe helps us assess the prospect of further capital flight from China, describes macro and political risk and characterises the Xi Jinping regime. He provides privileged information on the financial management of China and a wide array of industrial sectors including property.

More about Joe Zhang

Joe Zhang is a well-known financial analyst and China expert. He was awarded the best analyst in C

hina by Institutional Investors for five consecutive years during an eleven year career at UBS where he was, variously, Head of Chinese Research and Vice Chairman of China Investment Banking Department. Following that he was COO of Shenzhen Investment Limited from 2006 to 2008 and established China Mezzanine Capital. Joe has recently moved back to Hong Kong as Chairman of Smartpay Group and financial technology company.

Joe consults for both Chinese corporations and the government and is one of the most influential advisers on governance issues. Joe obtained his Master of Economics from Graduate School of the People‘s Bank of China (1983-1986) and ANU (1991), and worked at the head office of People‘s Bank of China from 1986 to 1989.

Many of his essays have appeared at FT, WSJ, NYT, SCMP and Nikkei. He is the author of “Inside China’s Shadow Banking”.