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Cerno Capital Joins VW Lawsuit

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Boutique wealth management firm Cerno Capital is participating in the litigation seeking damages from Volkswagen. James Spence, managing partner at the boutique, said that the following the emissions scandal, Cerno sold out of its position in the automotive company and joined an investors’ group to join in the litigation in Germany. Saying that it is the only litigation that the company has ever been involved in, Spence pointed out that he felt it was important to be in a part of it following the scandal. He said ‘We were investors in VW and when the emissions scandal broke we sold the position entirely and we are participating in the litigation against VW to seek compensation on behalf of investors. That grinds on. But we hope and expect to be successful on behalf of investors’. Last year, it was reported that fund management giant BlackRock had also joined a shareholder lawsuit, demanding €2 billion (£1.7 billion). The car manufacturer was slapped with damages claims totally €8.2 billion by investors in September. There are currently around 1,400 lawsuits against the company at a court in Braunschweig, Germany. Elsewhere, Cerno Capital has appointed Jane Tufnell, who co-founded Ruffer Investments, to its advisory board.She [...]

Project Speedbird at the International Festival for Business 2016

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For the past few months, I have been lucky enough to work with Downing Street’s GREAT Campaign as a GREAT Adventure ambassador. When the team at No.10 invited me to exhibit the boat at the International Festival for Business in Liverpool for 3 weeks, I jumped at the chance. Despite being right smack bang in the middle of my record attempt window, I knew this would be an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. International Festival for Business 13 June - 1 July 2016 Exhibition Centre Liverpool The International Festival for Business 2016 is renowned for being the world’s top business event, with over 30,000 delegates from over 100 countries. Having the opportunity to showcase Project Speedbird on this level is something that I could only dream of. Unlike being at the Boat Show or the Science museum, visitors to IFB are there to make connections, do deals and inspire each other to challenge the way business is done, with a focus on innovation and development in a world that never stands still. Innovation and challenging convention has been a running thread through the very heart of what I have tried to do with Project Speedbird. I was featured on the [...]

‘I’m not done yet’ vows Peter Pan Pendleton

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This article was first seen on The Mixed Zone - the women's online sport magazine After her untimely fall on her jumps debut at Fakenham racecourse aboard odds-on favourite Pacha du Polder, Victoria Pendleton’s dreams of riding at the Cheltenham Festival are hanging in the balance. The Mixed Zone’s Laura Winter spoke to her after the race about the reasons behind her desire to become a jump jockey Victoria Pendleton readily admits she achieved more on a bike than she dreamed she would. Her illustrious cycling career, spanning more than twenty years, embraced nine world titles and three Olympic medals – including two golds. She also picked up a Commonwealth title in 2006 and two European golds in 2011. She was a poster girl for Great Britain during those two glorious weeks in the summer of 2012 when the Olympic Games came to London. And after winning a gold in the keirin and a silver in the sprint, to add to her sprint gold in Beijing in 2008, Pendleton retired. A tumultuous, emotional and world-beating career on the track had come to an end. But what next? Suddenly she felt lost. She missed the sense of purpose and focus that had for so long dominated her [...]

#BeAGameChanger Awards 2016

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The Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards 2016 are now open for nominations. These awards promote and celebrate those who are helping the development and recognition of women’s sport. The individuals and organisations involved are inspiring role models and thought-leaders who endeavor to alter the perceptions of female participation in the world of sport. There are nine different nominations categories including role models, Women’s Sport Ambassadors and inspiring initiatives among others. Nominate here. Last year, we had the honour of attending the #BeAGameChanger Awards 2015 and witnessing first-hand how much positive influence last year’s nominees and winners have had in not only just their field, but throughout the wider remit of women’s sport. At Cerno Capital, we continue to support and encourage female athletes, coaches, journalists, and anyone involved in competing against the odds, thriving in and enjoying women’s sport the way it should be. Make sure to nominate the athlete, team or organisation who you feel has made a positive contribution. Find out more at Follow the Women's Sport Trust on Twitter @WomenSportTrust

Cerno Capital sponsors Project Speedbird

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The mission is simple on paper - a raw test of speed and power. Project Speedbird is Hannah White’s mission to become the fastest woman on water over one nautical mile. And for a woman who has made three trans-Atlantic crossings, cycled the Alps and kayaked through England, a 90 second effort on Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire should be straightforward. But the 32-year-old, who has years of adventuring experience, believes breaking Zara Davis’ current record is her toughest challenge yet. “This isn’t a simple course completion project, there are so many variables and its not an easy record - it was set windsurfing,” the sailor explained. “It’s travelling at 80km/hour for a minute and a half. It is so far removed from my skill set. I am an endurance athlete, I’m not a sprinter. “I look back to a year ago this week and I was sailing a foiling boat for the first time. We had just started the project, and it was my first try-out and I couldn't even keep it upright. “It was unbelievably hard. It’s not the most epic, or the highest, or the longest challenge but it is by far the steepest learning curve for me. [...]

Normalisation should not be delayed further – Cerno Capital

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This aritcle was written by Will Grahame-Clarke and first appeared in thewealthnet on 29th September 2014 Cerno Capital’s James Spence believes interest rate normalisation should start in the US sooner than markets expect. Mr Spence, lead manager of the Cerno Capital’s flagship multi asset portfolio TM Cerno Select, argues the progress of returning to normal inflation rates has been delayed for too long and the actual policy itself has not reached the parts it was intended to reach. He is currently most bullish on Japan which he says is finally emerging from its bear run dating back to the 1980s. Mr Spence, like fellow Cerno Capital founder Nicholas Hornby, is well acquainted with Asian equities. Between 1991 and 2004 he worked as an equity analyst, head of research, and then as equity strategist at various firms based in Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta. Asia is an area which has more exposure than most to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decisions. “Central banks have been reluctant to decisively signal when the price of money is going to change,” Mr Spence told thewealthnet. “Normalisation now would make it easier for businesses to read the runes so they could more easily make decisions [...]