About Cerno Capital

Our clients are private individuals, families, charities, consultants and wealth managers.

Subject to circumstances and suitability, clients invest with us through collective funds or via a bespoke portfolio. We work with all types of intermediaries and are accustomed to operating across domiciles with multiple custodians.

The firm employs three main investment strategies, with the objective of beating relevant benchmarks over three year rolling periods. Our approach to asset allocation is active, long term and low turnover.

The global multi-asset strategy is used by many investors as their core wealth management proposition. This exists in fund form in the UK as TM Cerno Select and in Ireland as Cerno Unconstrained.

The Cerno Global Leaders Strategy is a concentrated portfolio of global companies with superior margins, operating in growing industries with demonstrable prospects for the long term. The fund version of this strategy is called TM Cerno Global Leaders.

Finally, TM Cerno Pacific and Emerging is a geographic specialist fund investing in Asian and Pacific companies that have an edge in the new economy. It also invests in specialist managers in those regions.