May 9th 2017
(English) On Tuesday 9th May, Cerno Capital hosted a private dinner with Isabel Spearman OBE, image and brand consultant and former special adviser to Samantha Cameron.
January 18th 2017
(English) On Wednesday 18th January 2016, Cerno Capital hosted a dinner with Hannah White, one of the female adventurers the firm has been supporting.
October 18th 2016
(English) On 18th October 2016, Cerno Capital hosted dinner with Christopher Lockwood, Middle East & Africa Editor of The Economist and previous Deputy Head of Prime Minister's Policy Unit at No.10.
September 20th 2016
英国女探险家Rosie Stancer在盛诺投资举办的午餐会上分享了她的探险经历以及穿越塔克拉玛干沙漠即将面临的挑战。
June 21st 2016
April 27th 2016
(English) A discussion over dinner on European issues, touching on the European Referendum, Syria, Russia’s role in Foreign affairs and the immigration crisis.
March 15th 2016
(English) Cerno Capital and PwC Legal host a lunch with fashion designer Amanda Wakeley to view and discuss her Spring/Summer 16 collection
February 16th 2016
(English) Cerno Capital sponsors Hannah White in her quest to become the Fastest Woman on Water over one nautical mile in 2016
November 25th 2015
(English) Fran Millar explains how the world’s best cycling team plots its successes.
November 5th 2015
(English) Joe is a fascinating observer and commentator on China having worked for the government, private sector, international investment banks and as a business director and entrepreneur.
October 8th 2015
(English) An evening with quintessentially English distillers Sipsmith and canapés by Michelin-starred chef, Shaun Rankin.
October 1st 2015
(English) Dinner with Tony King and Amos Courage, to hear about their fascinating work reintroducing animals in Africa.
August 12th 2015
(English) Day two of the test match component of the multi-format Women’s Ashes. ActionWoman nominee and England Captain, Charlotte Edwards, leads her team against Australia.
July 7th 2015
(English) Art world discussion with Ben Brown, founder of the Ben Brown Gallery. Featuring work by Djamel Tatah.
June 30th 2015
(English) Portfolio Managers’ James Spence, Nick Hornby and Fergus Shaw discuss the source of the last 12 month’s performance
June 10th 2015
(English) Douglas Brodie discusses how entrepreneurial companies are disrupting incumbents across multiple industries.
May 27th 2015
(English) Judy tells stories from her life of coaching and raising two tennis stars with interviewer Eleanore Kelly. Hosted with Scottish Women in Sport.
April 28th 2015
(English) A discussion about banking and financial careers with Patrick Clackson, Head of Business Transformation, Barclays.
March 2nd 2015
(English) Geoff expresses global and regional macro views through his positions in equities, rates, FX and commodities.
February 15th 2015
(English) Cerno Capital hosts a group to see England’s Women beat Italy 39-7. Ireland won the series overall.
October 29th 2014
(English) Jayne describes her path to one of the top City investment jobs. She highlights the major influences in her career and talks in depth about both the successes and the challenges.
September 18th 2014
(English) An active investor in Japan for 25 years, Hugh explains his thesis for Japan’s reflationary profit cycle and why an allocation to Japan makes sense.
September 4th 2014
(English) A speech delivered at the Legatum Institute, the Mayor of London revisits the first democracy and its enduring influence on the West. Sponsored by Cerno Capital & Oldfield Partners.
May 21st 2014
(English) Lunchtime discussion Joe and Geoff, both China nationals and analysts, debate China’s immediate future from opposite standpoints.
April 1st 2014
(English) Orlando Rock, Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Europe reveals the practices of the art world and tries to account for modern tastes.
March 12th 2014
(English) Miles Geldard and Chenevix-Trench each have over 30 years experience of investing in Emerging Markets and debate the risks and suitable portfolio actions.
March 7th 2014
(English) Discussion with the well-known investor and academic Dr Paul Woolley. Woolley offers a model for financial markets which seems to fit better with the real world.
January 8th 2014
(English) Russell delivers one module of his two–day course A Practical History of Financial Markets regarded as the best course of its kind the UK.
April 17th 2013
(English) George describes the major imbalances of the world and ruminates as to the consequences of their further worsening.
October 17th 2012
(English) Nick Hackworth describes the compelling work of artists Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin. The Details Of A Dark Horse In Low Light, is a meditation on race and photography.
July 2nd 2012
(English) Paul Thursby and Russell Napier debate the outlook for core bond markets and arrive at bearish conclusions based on unrelated arguments.
May 25th 2012
(English) Lunchtime discussion Roundtable discussion from investors sharing their experiences of investing in Africa.
March 15th 2012
(English) Three outstanding equity managers debate the major investment destinations. Each explains the source of their returns and how they negotiate world markets.
February 17th 2011
(English) Lunchtime discussion Peter Hennessey, independent peer, constitutional expert and author sheds light on the forces at work in British politics.




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